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APOLLO DEL SOLIS - Golden Double Pearl PRE Andalusian Stallion

First Double Pearl Stallion Made Into a Limited Edition

Breyer Model (2021) 

Fresh Cooled Semen and Frozen Available - Shipped to U.S. and Canada

Apollo del Solis is the result of our 30 plus years experience in breeding purebred Andalusians.  He is the ultimate blending of our beloved Bravio bloodlines (refer to Breeding Stallions page) along with some of the very best imported Paco Marti lines.   For more details refer to Breeding Stallions Page. 


PEARL OF PEACE - Double Pearl PRE Andalusian Stallion
Frozen Semen Direct from Spain and Stored in So. California

Woman and Double Pearl PRE Andalusian Stallion Double Pearl PRE Andalusian Stallion

See our Breeding Stallions page for details.

RINGO AC Cream/Pearl Approved 17h PRE Stallion Located In Spain.

Owned by Angel Cantos Garcia and represented by D. Barstolome Zurita. Frozen semen now available in USA.

Man Riding in a Cream/Pearl Horse Cream/Pearl Horse


Birthplace to the first U.S. bred and born Pearl Andalusians!

Sommer Ranch Andalusian Sommer Ranch Andalusian Sommer Ranch Andalusian Sommer Ranch Andalusian

Sommer Ranch relocated to the Santa Rosa Plateau in March of 2011. Here we can enjoy the beauty of the Ecological Preserve in Murrieta, CA. Located just 12 short miles to the ocean (as the crow flies) and just a few miles to the North San Diego County line. We now enjoy afternoon ocean breezes and moderate year round temperatures.

Sommer Ranch boasts a selection of our own premiere Andalusian stock available for purchase in an array of rare and highly sought after colors including PEARL, Cremello, Buckskin, Palomino, Smokey Black as well as the classic Iberian colors of Gray, Black and Bay. And we offer an excellent selection of breeding stallions available to mare owners in both the United States and Canada.

We are located halfway between the Ontario and San Diego International Airports; just an easy hour drive either north or south. Visitors are welcomed, but appointments are required because we are a private residence and not a commercial facility.


Here at Sommer Ranch we know that color should just be the 'icing on the cake'! First and foremost our horses are bred for temperament with a strong emphasis on conformation and movement. A good horse must be a complete package. Color alone would not have us going strong after more than two decades of breeding and sales of our beloved Iberian horses. Sommer Ranch was officially established in 1989!

Sommer Ranch was the home to the legendary copper bay PRE stallion, BRAVIO. We salute his accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of his amazing offspring. His passing in August of 2003 has left us with a large hole in our hearts that no one can ever fill. But we look forward to continuing his legacy with his sons, daughters and granddaughters. BRAVIO earned incredible honors during his career as our showing, breeding and exhibition stallion. But most of all, we will always remember him for the loving family member that he was to each of us.

It's been a long wait, but we finally have our homozygous pearl stud colt to carry on the Bravio dynasty.  His name is APOLLO DEL SOLIS and he was available for his first breedings in spring of 2020.  (More on this incredible stallion on our BREEDING STALLIONS page.) His first foals arrived 2021 and are proving to be truly exceptional; sharing their sire's unique color genes with athletic prowess, and an extraordinary temperament.  

Upcoming stallions include the 2020 Perlino (gg Ee AA Cr Cr) colt, Lux del Solis (combining Bravio lines with Morante RM - 16h Palomino), and the 2021 Perlino colt (also gg Ee AA Cr Cr),  Don Diego del Solis combining Bravio lines with Furtivo PM (17h Palomino stallion).   Lux looks like he will be more of the old style, classic Andalusian body type and Diego is looking like he will be the newer warmblood style PRE.  Watch for them in the future.  


Horse with the PEARL gene

Sommer Ranch was established in 1989. Since that time Sommer Ranch made genetic history when BRAVIO (the copper bay stallion) produced what appeared to be perlino and cremello babies when bred to Palomino and Buckskin mares. These first babies arrived in the early to mid-90's and were the result of breeding to outcross mares say the least.....they were a complete surprise!! These babies broke all the then known rule books on color breeding. Bay to Buckskin or Palomino should NOT have produced a double dilute looking horse!?!

Unfortunately the technology of the time was not ready for our unusual little foals and it took almost a decade before we could even think about getting any answers to our many questions. During that time period, an unrelated chestnut Andalusian mare surfaced that could also produce foals that looked double dilute.  At first their unique foals were said to have inherited the Bravio/Chica mutation gene. This drew the interest of several very affluent individuals in the 'color world' and we were finally able to work in conjunction with a Geneticist and UC Davis. Based on her hypothesis that there was another gene residing on the same allele as the cream gene....UC Davis went to work and the PEARL gene was officially discovered. It was also determined that this gene was the same rare and unique gene found in a handful of Quarter Horses and then known as the Barlink gene. A gene originally passed down from their Spanish ancestors and now collectively known as PEARL.

Although there is no set standard and variations can be observed, through my personal experience with homozygous creams, homozygous pearls and cream/pearl combinations in our Iberian horses, I have observed that the double creams tend to be much lighter with little to no color change between their bodies and their manes & tails. The cream/pearl horses continue to have the lighter bodies, but their manes, tails and legs have a much deeper bronze hue to them; and the double pearls are bronze all over with eyes that are very dark green. Many of the PEARL horses also seem to have an unusually brilliant shine to their coats.

The PEARL gene is recessive. A horse with a single PEARL gene and no cream, will have no outward color effect. That horse, like our BRAVIO, would have to be DNA tested in order to determine if he/she carries the PEARL gene. But this secret treasure hidden inside can open up a world to many new color combinations including Buckskin Pearl (like PATINA - see Mares/Foals page & photo gallery), Palomino Pearl (like the mare, Guindaleza - see Mares Page) and Smokey Black Pearl - like Oso de Oro (2014 colt sired by Oreo and out of Arista).  And when crossed with another PEARL carrier, can produce a stunning homozygous PEARL like our 2016 stallion, Apollo Del Solis (and now available for breeding in 2020) and to Genesis, an Andalusian colt that to the best of our knowledge was the very first homozygous PEARL Andalusian bred and born in the United States. Just as we believe that PATINA was the first Buckskin Pearl PRE filly bred and born in the United States....also in 2011. BRAVIO'S legacy lives on in our breeding program and we couldn't be more proud of the result.


Sommer Ranch has had the privilege to provide Andalusian talent, as well as riding talent, to the movie and television industry. Credits include the Adam Sandler film, Spanglish (Columbia Pictures); the hit television series "The Bachelor" starring Bachelor "Bob" who rode Cordero on our Southern California seashore while his date rode another white Andalusian, Afamado; and a prime time television commercial for the ABC hit series, "The Bachelorette".

Sommer Ranch has also provided horses for professional photoshoots. The results of these shoots have been seen internationally in magazines, calendars and art shows. You've also seen many of our horses and our client's horses in various televised parades, including the world famous New Year's Day Tournament of Roses parade and the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Check out our Photo Gallery page for more pictures!

Jessica Gaytan on Cordero

Jessica Gaytan on Cordero filming a commercial for ABC's hit television show, THE BACHELORETTE.

The commercial was filmed at Disney Ranch.  Photo by Suzan Sommer.

International Business Fair in Spain


In the fall of 2012 Sommer Ranch was proud to have been invited to attend Extremadura Avante in the southwest region of Extremadura, Spain. This International Business Fair was organized to promote various facets of commerce in Extremadura. Sommer Ranch was not only invited to participate in the equine sector focusing on the Pure Spanish Horse, but the organization also paid for 100% of our travel expenses. We were honored for their confidence in doing business with Sommer Ranch as their U.S. representative.

Sommer Ranch was the sole participant from the United States. We joined a delegation from all over the world, including Chile, Morocco, China and Russia! This was an outstanding opportunity for us and we feel confident our new contacts in Spain will benefit, not only Sommer Ranch and the Spanish breeders, but also our clients in the United States and Canada. 

We update our site on a regular basis and we invite you to bookmark it for frequent visits. We love to have visitors to the ranch but appointments are required as we are a private facility. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email... and be sure to check us out on Facebook. 

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