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Exotic Colored PRE Andalusian & Lusitano Horses


Here are just a few examples of the many fine mares we have sold...or helped with the sale of...

over the years.



Looking for that special filly that can be your flashy show horse or the genetic goldmine for your breeding program yet has the personality to be your best horse friend for life.  That would be this big, beautiful double cream filly sired by Carmelo PM II and out of an Oriundo VG (Oreo) daughter and Bravio Granddaughter.  Talk about a blending of exceptional bloodlines!   Eligible for registration with ANCCE in Spain and IALHA in U.S.   This girl is the complete package.  Congratuations to Pam Nelson of Hidden Pond Farms on her purchase.  Sold spring of 2018.  

"Chantica" is sired by the 16h Perlino PRE Andalusian stallion, Carmelo PM II (imported from Spain).   Her dam (Adagia del Bravio Oro) is sired by the imported Smokey Black PRE stallion, Oriundo VG (Oreo) and carries strong bloodlines to the famous Sommer Ranch stallion, Bravio.    It is a cross full of beauty and athleticism!   This sweet girl already stands for the farrier, leads and loads.  She has tons of personality and is one of the best movers ever produced at Sommer Ranch.    She has been DNA tested as Buckskin.  She was born very dark and is now getting her golden highlights.  She is simply stunning.  Big bodied.  Correct.  So much potential.  Sold Fall of 2017.  

"Nimueh" is sired by the 16.3h grey Andalusian stallion, IA Palacio (son of Santiago).   Her dam is by DW Companero (out of Spanish bullfighting bloodlines).  It is a cross full of beauty and athleticism!   This sweet girl already stands for the farrier, baths, clips, stands tied, leads and loads.  She has tons of personality and is an elegant mover with TONS of hair.   Registerable with IALHA.  SOLD fall of 2017 - Located in Reno, NV.   (A.R.) 

This adorable filly was born a honey bay but appears to be shedding out a deep, rich black/bay. She is destined to grow up into an exceptional sporthorse, like her mother, Estrella Brilliante. Sired by the Sommer Ranch imported Smokey Black Stallion, Oriundo VG (Oreo).  "Zathura" has nice straight legs and an athletic compact body. FANCY mover.  SOLD fall of 2017.

2017 Smoky Cream Lusitano Filly

Born April 2017, this regal Lusitano gal is a complete package of elegance, outstanding bloodlines and unique color genetics.  Ee aa CrCr nd1 - and no grey.   Sired by Xerox HM (see our Breeding Stallions page for info and photos) and out of Elizabeth Ambiente (16h Buckskin mare).  Pure Portuguese and comes with IALHA papers.  Located in Langley, BC Canada.   Sold summer of 2017. (DA)

2017 Buckskin/Grey Filly by Carmelo PM II
In any shade, this filly would be a stand out in the crowd. Tall, robust, classically Spanish. Very smart and easy to work with. Been handled extensively since day one and progressing every day in her training. She is an Oreo (Oriundo VG) granddaughter and she got the moves to prove it! Big flowing trot. As an extra special bonus, she carries a chestnut gene which means she can produce Palominos and Cremellos! Don't miss out on this special opportunity.  Located at Sommer Ranch in Murrieta, CA. Video available upon request. SOLD summer of 2017

Sommer Ranch is proud to present this 2016 Buckskin PRE Andalusian filly available for purchase. She's a big girl expected to reach over 16h with all the pizazz of a show horse, the friendliness of a pet and the versatility to go almost any direction in equine sports. Dare to live the DREAM with this golden gal.  Terms available; Interest free for up to one year with at least 1/2 down. Sired by REY PM (see stallions page) and out of Estrella Brillante.

Located in So. CA. - SOLD DECEMBER 2016


Lucena del Rey "Lucy" has found her forever home in BC, Canada. Sired by Rey PM and out of first time mom, Patina de Bravio Oro. This filly is simply STUNNING! Big, big gal with a robust build and SPECTACULAR movement. We will truly miss this one.

"She's a puppy dog.. anything introduced too her she doesn't blink an eye. Beautiful and brains thank you for Baby Lucy. She's stolen everyone's hearts here!!!"
Tiffany Kokotailo

Lucena del Rey Lucy

NOBLEZA - 2015 Bay/Greying Filly sired by Oriundo VG and out of Pele de Bravio Oro

Classic in style, movement and color. A true gem with tremendous potential for riding and breeding. Now residing in Las Vegas, NV. We look forward to watching her develop and mature with her wonderful new family.


2013 BUCKSKIN PRE FILLY - SOLD (Congratulations to Brandi Fink of NM)

Zamora is a dark sooty buckskin, this young mare looks more like a Grulla! It's a most unusual color. She definitely gets lots of attention. She also has the extra long, thick mane & tail. Lots of icing on the cake! She's ready for someone to start her groundwork in preparation for starting under saddle. Priced at $16,000. Located at Sommer Ranch in So.CA.


SOLD 2009 Andalusian/Arabian Cross Mare SOLD August 2015

Health and time restraints force the sale of this registered 1/2 Andalusian mare. Chica is started under saddle, safe to ride, but needs finishing. She can 'turn it up' but can be brought back down easily. Never offered to buck or take off. She ponies off another horse. Smooth gaits! Soft mouth. She has a good mind and sweet nature. She is curious and loves to learn. Chica is correct and athletic. Handled since birth and exposed to many things. Respectful on the ground.


She currently lives with a mini and gets turnred out with 5 other horses daily. Ridden on the trail. Barefoot because her feet are strong and doesn't need shoes. She is correct with straight legs. No known health problems. Owner thinks this mare will make a great trick horse, a nice English show prospect or a flashy trail/endurance horse. This mare is a Bravio Granddaughter on sire's side and a Huck Finn/Aladdinn Granddaughter on Dam's side. Located in So. CA. Priced at $4500. OBO to approved home. (K.E.) .

AZULADA - 2014 Smokey Black Oreo Filly

Facebook is a buzz about this mysterious colored PRE filly by Oreo and out of the Bravio daughter, Constentida "Tida". Note that the first few photos were taken when she was just 8 hours old! And legs almost as long as moms (who stands 16h tall)!! Born 3/23/14.

Azulada - 2014 Smokey Black/Grey Oreo Filly:

"Azulada aka Zula is now eating in our round pen after a good run about! She is sooooo beautiful! So smart!! I couldn't be prouder of her! She's talking to all the horses going by! She likes my hubby she went straight to him!
Equine Express was great I'd recommend them highly!
You are super awesome and I recommend you very highly! Your super professional and I like having a great repore with you! I'll keep you posted on Zulas exciting future.
So Zula is here she's perfect and I love her!!! so many happy emotions!
From Zula and I who are chillen together we love ya! Zula says she's fine mom I'm just fine!"
Vikki Souto, British Columbia Canada

Video footage of Azulada:

Azulada Azulada Azulada

Adalita (Bravio Granddaughter) was in her first show last weekend (May 2014) that had All Breed Classes (that's about the best thing we have locally ;) I showed her in the halter class as well as showmanship under two judges in tw o days. Can I just brag and tell you that she placed third in All Breed Halter Mare both days (out of a class of 5 and 6), winning over QH mares in our class (which almost never happens in a QH show!). And she/we placed first both days in showmanship. She was phenomenal! Calm, quiet, patient, and available in spite of this being her first show experience. I was so proud of her!  I have some some pics that a gal took of us and printed out - so will take a picture of the pictures and forward to you when I get home this evening. 
I am so in love with my "little A". She has matured into such a sweet, sweet, best Pal, kinda gal   :)
Regards, Heather Agustines (Alaska)


2008 Grey Pearl Bravio Granddaughter

Arista and her full sister Pele de Perla (see Foundation Mares) are both ANCEE approved PRE mares with two crosses to Bravio. Arista carries his qualities for trainability, personality, movement and rugged good looks. Sired by Rioso (a Pearl carrying Bravio son). And yes....she is a gray Pearl. Her first Oreo colt in 2012 sold within 3 days of birth. Tamrindo is tall, robust, and has awe inspiring movement. His hock action has a stride to admire! And her 2013 filly was equally nice! On May 17, 2014 Arista presented us with an Oreo colt of a 'different' color; a handsome golden colt (the first and only Smokey Black Pearl in the United States). Arista sold and now lives with the Souto family in Canada.

Some older Arista footage:

and 2012 Arista with colt (both sold):

Arista Arista Arista Arista


2011 PSL Buckskin Mare

Stop the press! This Buckskin Lusitano mare is a real head turner and a favorite model for visiting photographers. She has brilliant color, HUGE movement and cat like agility. And she definitely inherited the extra long, extra thick 'hair' gene. A special thank you to Diane G. for giving this mare such a loving home.



WOW!! This is one of the prettiest mares you'll find anywhere. A very rare find too...a Palomino Pearl Andalusian. She is one of our most photographed horses. Her brilliant shine and commanding presence made her a stand out in any crowd. Now living in Canada, we find ourselves thinking about her often. She gave us the very first U.S. bred and born double pearl Andalusian colt (now owned by Ramona Dejong and named Genisis - see Sold Boys). Additional photos of Guindaleza in Photo Gallery Movie Work.



We had the privilege of living with Ametza for over a decade. Over the years, she mothered many of the best Sommer Ranch bred foals, including our 2011 Smokey Black filly, Ebonista, and our broodmare & pleasure riding horse, Constentida. She is also the Granddam to our pearl carriers, Pele de Perla & Arista. It was hard to see her leave, but she now resides with a wonderful family in Virginia where she is expecting another Oreo foal later in 2013. Ametza carries only one copy of the gray gene and one copy of the chestnut and black genes. We are very grateful for her contribution to our foundation bloodlines. Ametza is sired by the imported Black PRE stallion, Axis (Legion of Merit in Spain) and has dressage bloodlines going back to Invasor, an Olympic medalist.


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