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2013 ISABELLA PRE (ANCCE) Colt (Cream & Pearl Genes) SOLD FALL 2014

Rocoso Dorado is truly a Golden Nugget and we've nicknamed him "Rocky". Rocky has the potential to be a SUPER STAR!! His attitude says I AM A WINNER...yet he is a charming, people loving character. Rocky displays all the timeless, classic Iberian qualities with a special twist....he is a PRE BUCKSKIN PEARL!  That means he looks like a Perlino (and he can produce Buckskins & Perlinos) but he ALSO has one of the rarest color genes you can find....the PEARL gene! Which means he can produce cream/pearl foals or double cream foals (perlino) or pearl/pearl foals (depending on the color of the mare). A Pearl/Pearl horse is champagne colored (like an apricot, bronze or bright gold with dark green eyes – email me for sample photos).....It's an awesome shade!! And there are only a handful of Purebred PRE (registered in Spain with ANCCE) in the U.S. today that can produce these color possibilities.

Like the T.V. commercial says……BUT WAIT….there’s more!   You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get these unique colors.  Rocky is a complete package….he inherited outstanding movement from both his sire (Oriundo VG aka Oreo – imported Smokey Black stallion) and his dam (Bravio daughter carries pearl).  And he has excellent conformation & Iberian type. He has the natural talent for high school movements, but he lends himself to dressage. If we had kept him, I would personally have liked to see him performing in working equitation (Spanish style)...but he's not limited to just a few equine sports....we can see the athleticism for so much more!  And the stunning beauty for parades & exhibitions. 

I would keep him in a heartbeat, but he is related to every mare on this property. (I also own his two year old full sister of the same color.) So I really need something unrelated. Rocky represents the best blending of the imported Oreo (Oriundo VG) bloodlines and that of our famous Bravio. Cream & Pearl come together to create an eye catching colt of a ‘different coat’!

Rocoso Dorado

Rocoso Dorado

Rocoso Dorado



Sired by Palomo and out of an Oreo daughter, Ebonista. "Ebby" did us proud with her very first foal. He's old world, classic Andalusian with some serious "skills"! Naturally talented for high school moves while maintaining a sensible mindset.  We can't say enough about this guy. Congratulations to L. Costello on the purchase of this athletic colt.


Helio is a 2011 Buckskin colt sired by Oreo and out of a Bravio daughter.

Helio is gorgeous. I'll try to get some photos to send to you. My farrier says he is going to be huge - he is still growing - is at least 3 inches to a hand over Iris now! He is the most intelligent horse I have ever seen - he is so curious and really gets into everything just to explore. It is so cute to see he and Iris studying things to see how they can make a game out of it. Anyone who takes one of your horses will be so pleased- you instilled manners and correct breeding...I always wanted him from the time I first saw his foal photos and videos. I knew he was going to be gorgeous - and extremely personable and strong and smart as a whip! Each day he amazes me with something new - a new gesture, or a new expression - or some new antic- do you know he can unscrew the top off of a spray botle without breaking either part! And he knows how to turn a doorknob - lets himself into the feed room and plays around with bottles and anything else he can explore - but never breaks anything. He is simply amazing.  You are a proven and exceptional breeder in my mind. I wish I could take more of your babies!
Gayle Grissom, VA


Galeon de Galileo

I was just looking at your website...OMG! You guys just keep getting better and better! Your horses have always taken my breath away but this time, all I can do is quote Randy Jackson with...WOW,WOW, and WOW again. I still have Galeon de Galileo, whom you lined me up with 17 years ago. I still love that boy...he has been a super fine horse. I still have to thank you for lining us up! Anyway, hope this finds you doing well. Take care.

Laurie Smith, Kamloops British Columbia - May 2013

Oreo x Perla de Bravio


Here is an ADORABLE 2014 honey bay colt, full brother to our two Cream/Pearl horses (Patina & Rocoso). DNA testing will soon show whether or not he was also blessed with his mother's pearl gene. He one of the sweetest, easiest foal we've ever had the fortune of imprinting! We nicknamed him Chianti (since we were sipping fine wine when he was born - and later renamed El Sabalero by his owner family). Much like his Silver Buckskin sister shown above, he was born with VERY straight correct legs. Nice short coupled body and already displays ample neck muscle for his tender young age. Congratulations to Martin F. on his purchase of this handsome fellow.

El Sabalero

El Sabalero

Oreo x Constentida

April 2, 2013  (SOLD)

OMG....Oreo and Tida did it again!! But in EXTRA LARGE! I thought Balitor was the largest colt we ever produced....but this guy has him beat. (And Balitor ended up about 16.3!) Only a few hours old in these photos and his legs are almost as long as mom's (and she is 16.1h!) Good thing he is ultra sweet and docile - cause he's a strong one. Imprinting went extremely well...just don't expect us gals to look good in the middle of the night.    SOLD and now residing in B.C. Canada.

Colt of Oreo and Constentida

Colt of Oreo and Constentida


This 2011 Bravio grandson is the first U.S. bred and born homozygous pearl purebred Andalusian. Sired by our Balitor (see our stallions page) and out of Guindaleza (see SOLD MARES) he has made his mark in the Andalusian history books (just like his grandsire).



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