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2012 Double Pearl PRE Stallion

Approved 2012 PRE Andalusian stallion currently training in Spain under saddle. This young stallion is NOT of Paco Marti breeding... making him the perfect choice for the many PM cream and pearl horses located in the United States. Oro demonstrates the potential for high levels of dressage and exceptional conformation.  Still young and growing, this stunning horse of pure spun gold currently stands approx. 16.3h tall. He is great grandsired by the famous Grand Prix Dressage horse, Gaucho III and out of a Lastur daughter, Vega X. His frozen semen has arrived direct from Spain and stored at a clinic in So. CA that can ship the frozen doses directly to your veterinarian or you can send your mare to the clinic for on site insemination.

Oro is a double pearl. Which means every offspring will receive a copy of the pearl gene from this sire. Pearl is generally considered to be one of the most rare of color traits. The gene is recessive. It is activated to it's full expression by cream or a double dose of the pearl. A cream/pearl combination results in a horse that appears much like a Perlino or Cremello. A double dose of pearl results in a fantastic metallic hue (ranging from bronze to platinum or brilliant gold), usually accompanied by an extreme shine. This is truly one of the most unique and sought after colors in the Iberian breeds. To combine this rare color with his overall quality and potential for dressage is a rare treasure.

Naomie Harris with Oro

Man Riding Horse

Pictured above with Naomie Harris, Ms. Moneypenny, in the new Bond film. Oro was featured in Town & Country magazine...Oro is quickly becoming a world wide shinning star. Sommer Ranch is pleased to assist in the marketing of his frozen semen here in the United States.  Sommer Ranch is also pleased to announce the arrival of the first Pearl of Peace foal in the United States in March of 2018!   It's a HUGE, beautiful, unusual colored filly.    We  know she has to be a cream/pearl or a double pearl.  Currently awaiting DNA results.  


16h 2012 Perlino (double cream) PRE Andalusian stallion imported from Spain of Paco Marti bloodlines. Proudly owned by Mariah Andalusians. He stood at Sommer Ranch in 2016 and was the sire to five 2017 foals at Sommer Ranch. U.C. Davis color DNA tested as EE AA CrCr gg.

As a double cream carrier, every foal will receive at least one cream gene. Carmelo does not carry black, which is ideal for producing Buckskin foals; no Smokey Blacks. No grey.

Now standing in Texas.  Available for shipped semen. Contact Sommer Ranch for a referral.

Carmelo White

Carmelo, Full Body


This unique PRE stallion is affectionately known to us as "OREO" because of his dark chocolate outside and his hidden 'creamy' center. He was the first Smokey Black PRE stallion imported from Spain into the United States. He is DNA confirmed black, carries cream and can produce Buckskin when crossed with mares carrying the bay or chestnut gene. Oreo is DNA tested by UC Davis as EE-aa-CrN.

This athlete has balanced, straight movement suitable for the dressage ring, but he is also extremely athletic and powerful - perfect for many other disciplines of equine sports. He has lift and reach to compliment his natural extension. 

Oreo Headshot

OREO currently stands 15.3h tall and has a long, luxurious mane and tail. There is plenty of 'flash' to go with his natural talent.  

He is available for breeding via live cover or shipped fresh cooled semen. Contact us for breeding fees and currently available special offers, including early booking and multi-mare discounts.

See our link under BREEDING STALLIONS for photo & video links to some Oreo foals. 

Additional photos in our Photo Gallery

Oreo in Field, Closeup

WS Oreo

Walking Oreo

Oreo, Rider

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REY PM (Reference Stallion)

This handsome Buckskin/Pearl stallion was imported from Spain of Paco Marti bloodlines. He is the sire to the two 2016 colts, Apollo del Solis and Adobo del Solis and in 2018 produced our smokey cream filly, Lunazul (out of Ebonista de Oro) and Nebula, our buckskin (with grey) filly out of Pele de Perla).   Standing well over 16h, he has impressive conformation and movement. REY PM is owned and standing by J. Zamora of So. CA. Rey PM is available for live cover breedings. Please feel free to contact Sommer Ranch for a referral to his owner.


WS Rey

S/P Andalusian Stallion   (BOOKINGS No longer available)


The legend of Bravio continues in this 2002 PEARL carrier and 'clone like' son who we refer to as the happiest horse on earth.   His joyous nature is contagious and you can't help but smile when you meet him.   His truly impressive size (16.3h) is only over shadowed by his gentle nature. 

Even though Balitor was purchased by his Saddle Seat trainer in late 2009, we have retained some breeding rights to this exceptional horse.   Very limited outside breedings will be offered to the public.  No live cover.  Shipped semen and on site insemination at equine clinic in Somis, CA.  Contact us for more details.   Balitor is a purebred Andalusian of both Spanish & Portuguese bloodlines.    (SORRY NO MORE BREEDINGS AVAILABLE TO BALITOR)

See photo gallery under stallions & movie work for additional photos.


Balitor 2

Lusitano Stallions


The 2008 cremello Lusitano stallion, Dante Dourado, is currently standing at stud.  Dante is DNA confirmed chestnut base with two copies of the cream gene.  He also carries one copy of the black gene.  No gray.   Now located in Oregon, this stallion can be booked through Sommer Ranch.  Limited bookings available for 2018.   Shipped semen.  (For additional photos see our photo gallery)

White Dante


Dante's uncle, Xerox HM, is a Smokey Cream.  He was imported from Brazil by Sommer Ranch.  Currently living in Montana, he is training & competing in open dressage for his new family. Sommer Ranch has retained frozen semen. Very limited breedings available to this stallion. Currently priced at just $495 for two doses (one cycle)SORRY FROZEN SEMEN SOLD OUT!  

He is DNA tested as a black base with two copies of the cream gene and one copy of the gray gene. (See additional photos in our photo gallery and movie work photos)


(1987 - 2003)

Bravio Main Image Bravio Rider

“Pretty is as pretty does” was more than just a cliche around Sommer Ranch. The magnificent PRE Andalusian stallion, BRAVIO appeared to change like a chameleon, adapting to meet the challenges presented to him....fiery for parades and exhibitions; low key and level headed for trail and western pleasure; yet naturally extended for Dressage while ‘rising’ to the occasion for Saddle Seat and halter competition. Despite all this ability and flashy appearance, he was so kind and docile, newcomers found it hard to believe he was actually a stallion! Bravio’s list of accomplishments appear endless, and far too numerous to list here; but a few of them established his position in the Andalusian history books. He was the first U.S. Andalusian to ever be awarded the prestigious “Best Movement” trophy. And he was also the first Andalusian to ever win a Cross Country Trail Trial competition (against a field of 48 horses of all breeds!)

His national championship titles included hunt seat (amateur & open); Western Pleasure (open); Country Pleasure Saddleseat (Amateur & Open) and Dressage with a score of 71 - his first time out!  Concurrent to performing in these various disciplines, Bravio also earned the honor of being high point halter stallion in 1993 (under the training and handling of his amateur owner, Scott Sommer). 

Bravio has thrilled audiences at numerous exhibitions and events, including the world famous Rose Parade and the Volvo World Cup competition. He was one of the first U.S. Andalusians to be approved by the Cria Caballar from Spain as a top quality breeding stallion. And he has produced both pure and partbred offspring that are earning amazing titles and accomplishments in their own right. 

It was two of these very special Bravio offspring that appeared double dilute and brought light to the existence of some previously unknown ‘mutation’....which later lead genetic researchers to the discovery of the PEARL gene at UC Davis. Color genetics took a major turn, thanks to this once in a lifetime horse.

Bravio did everything we ever asked of him and then some. He was my soulmate and I miss him everyday of my life. The meer mention of his name still brings tears to my eyes...but I rejoice in his sons, daughters and granddaughters.

We Miss you Big Guy!



Bravio Tail

Competition, Win

Bravio, Running

Bravio, Rearing Up

First Exhibition

Dillon Knight

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